Get Peace of Mind by Protecting Your Vehicle

A lot of us worry about our vehicles when we leave them in unfamiliar locations. Yet, your vehicle is just as likely to get robbed right in front of your home. You cannot make the mistake of assuming any location is safe. You'll need to become well-informed about the best safety practices to prevent car theft. Don Beyer Volvo Cars of Falls Church can provide some excellent tips to help you safeguard your vehicle.

Thieves want to work in a surreptitious manner. This means you can easily deter them by adding extra identification features to your vehicle. One such…

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Driving and Dealing With Blind Spots

One of the most important things that people are taught when it comes to driving is that they are to check their mirrors before they do anything. One of the reasons for this is that there are blind spots in a vehicle. However, there have been advancements made in technology that help with the blind spot.

One of the advancements in technology is the blind spot monitor. One of the advantages behind the blind spot monitor is that it gives people a warning when they are about to change lanes or do something that can cause collisions in the blind…

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Upcoming Events in Falls Church

For those who are in the area currently, or are planning to be in the area soon, here are a few highlighted events that welcome everyone to join.

Sugarloaf Crafts Festival in Chantilly

Hop in your car and head to the Sugarloaf Crafts Festival in Chantilly! This event runs December 7th, 8th, & 9th and is fun for all ages! Head to the Dulles Expo Center to shop till you drop, experience live art and entertainment, and explore all that the amazing artisans have to offer!

Saturdays Farmers Market

The Falls Church Farmers Market is a great place to find fresh…

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Pictures with Santa in Winchester

It is getting close to Christmas time, and the person on everyone's mind is Santa. If your children are eager to see the jolly man in red there are two locations in the Winchester, Va area where you can get pictures this December. Both locations have a lot more to offer than a meeting with Santa Clause, and a cute photo op for Christmas cards. Each location also offers its own flair of Christmas fun.


Grace Downtown of Winchester - Dec 9th

On December 9th Santa will be at Grace Downtown. Take your phone or camera to take pictures of…

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Tips to Surviving Black Friday

Black Friday is a day when you can find great deals in the stores, but if you aren't prepared for it, it might feel like a stressful event. If you plan last minute, then you might feel overwhelmed as you try to find the right stores in Falls Church, Virginia, to shop. But, if you use the tips below, then you should be ready to take on Black Friday.

Clean Out the Car Clutter

Cleaning out the clutter in your car is the first step to conquering Black Friday. This will help you feel ready for all of the…

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Embrace the Pumpkin With These Fall Delights

There is nothing better in the Falls Church, Virginia area during the Fall season than the smell of pumpkin coming out from all of the recipes being cooked. Try these tastefully tantalizing pumpkin recipes this fall!

Pumpkin Pie Is Always Going To Be A Winner

Nothing says “Fall is in the Air” more than a Pumpkin Pie right out of the oven. Whoever is in your home will be ready for a slice while you…

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What You Should Know About Winter Tires

Winter will soon be here and with winter comes harsh weather conditions. That would include heavy snow and even blizzards in some areas. For a motorist, this can make driving even more of a challenge; there is always the possibility of getting stuck in the snow or even worse having an accident due to wet slippery roads. So, a good set of winter tires is something that is essential to keep drivers and their passengers safe.

All Season Tires Versus Winter Tires

Some may think not to worry they have all season tires on their car. That would really depend…

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Fall Festivals You Don't Want to Miss

The leaves are changing, and Fall is in the air. Your Fall traditions may include pumpkin flavored everything, decorating your lawn for a frightful Halloween, or even hosting the best football party ever. One Fall Tradition that no one should overlook is visiting a fantastic local Fall festival!

Mount Vernon Fall Harvest Family Days

In about 30 minutes you can get from Falls Church to the Mount Vernon Fall Harvest Family Days Event located at…

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Back To School With Volvo

Volvo wants you to be ready for back to school!

Back to School is almost in session, which means Summer is over!



How is your child getting to and from school? Are they taking the bus or are they riding in carpool? If your child is riding the bus be sure to provide your child with that information…

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Last Barbecue

End of Summer Barbecue


Fall is around the corner which means Summer is coming to a closing. Volvo wants you to plan one last Summer barbecue.

A final Summer Barbecue is great to get all of your family, friends, and fur friends together. We have provided a guide to setting up the best end of Summer barbecue.


Call, text, email, or create a Facebook event to invite everyone. This way you know who is…

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