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Volvo Conducts Enormous Online Poll to See Who is Most Ready for Autonomous Driving

If you’ve flipped on the television or radio in the past year or so, you’ve likely caught some discussion about autonomous vehicles. On the leading edge of that is Volvo Cars, which just conducted its Future of Driving survey, the largest online consumer conversation about the autonomous driving topic, and as of June 28th, nearly 50,000 respondents had recorded their opinions. Check out some notable results below!




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Volvo Designs Ergonomically Correct Vehicle Seating

If you're someone who experiences neck or back pain when driving -- especially when long-distance driving -- you'll be relieved to know that Volvo has consulted orthopedic surgeons since the 1960s in order to design and produce the most dynamic and comfortable seating options in our premium vehicles. These ergonomically correct seats allow you to experience the most necessary form of luxury: comfort. Check out the Facebook post below for more details!

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