Even though very few people will see your car's engine, you should still try to keep it clean so that oil and other products don't build on surfaces. Avoid using too much water pressure if you use a hose so as not to dislodge any hoses or wires.

Plan to clean your car's engine when it's warm and sunny outside so that it will dry faster instead of letting water linger on your motor and other components. If you've been driving in Falls Church, VA, you want to wait until your car has cooled down before cleaning the engine so that you aren't burned.

If there are any plastic covers, you want to go ahead and remove them to keep water from collecting underneath. The covers can be cleaned before replacing them. The battery can be removed if you don't want water to come in contact with this electrical component. Beyer Volvo Cars Of Falls Church has the supplies needed to properly clean the engine if you're unsure of how much water to use or the cleaners that can be used on surfaces.

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