The Volvo V90 Has Some Incredible Performance Features

The age of the luxury wagon is upon us. More and more drivers are choosing to make the switch thanks to improved performance features. That is why we here at Beyer Volvo Cars of Falls Church are so excited to tell you all about the all new 2019 Volvo V90!

The first performance feature that drivers will notice is the all new all wheel drive system. This allows drivers to take on even the tightest curves with ease and allow you to grip the road whether it's bone dry or pouring rain. Additionally, the vehicle will be able to take on off road driving as well. Finally, the start and stop technology of this car is a very underrated performance feature. It allows the car to work less when it doesn't need to, such as when you are cruising down the road at a constant speed. This allows your car to operate efficiently while using even less fuel.



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