The Volvo V90 Cross Country Wagon: Unmatched Style and Safety

When you consider all the decisions you make when buying a car, whether used or new, looks and style are generally the first things that car buyers consider important. Safety features are usually an afterthought. At Beyer Volvo Cars of Falls Church, we believe you can and should have both. The popular Volvo V90 Cross Country luxury wagon will give you all the class and style you can handle along with some of the most impressive safety features to keep you safe while on the road.

The Blind Spot Information System comes standard V90 Cross Country. The system alerts you to any vehicles that may be in your blind spot on either side. The BLIS system helps you avoid a collision when making lane changes.

Another excellent safety feature of the Volvo V90 Cross Country is the daytime running lights equipped with a daylight sensor. Daytime running lights make the car more noticeable, which helps to avoid collisions. This feature also includes a twilight sensor that automatically engages the low beam headlights when road illumination is needed.

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