Two Safety Features That Make The Volvo S60 A Standout Choice

With the Volvo S60, Falls Church drivers will get far more than just a popular, mid-size luxury compact sedan. They'll also get an impressive range of cutting-edge safety features. Beyer Volvo Cars Of Falls Church is committed to helping motorists find the perfect vehicles for their lifestyles, budgets, and needs. We're also committed to making sure that drivers stay safe when taking their investments out on the road. Following are two safety features that make the Volvo S60 a standout choice.

Rear Collision Mitigation Support

Unfortunately, all the defensive driving tactics in the world cannot prevent a distracted driver from plowing into the back of you. Understanding this, Volvo equipped its S60 with a rear collision mitigation support system that calculates the risk of collision when another car is fast-approaching from behind. When a collision appears unavoidable, safety belts throughout the vehicle are quickly tensioned by this system to keep passengers secure, and to minimize the effects of impact.

The Volvo S60 Has An Energy Absorbing Interior

The interior of this automobile is also designed to help mitigate the damages caused by accidents. All interior door sides and panels are comprised of cutting-edge, energy-absorbing materials. In the event of a crash, this design can help limit the injuries that passengers sustain. To experience the enhanced safety and all-around sophisticated design of the Volvo S60, visit Beyer Volvo Cars Of Falls Church for a test drive today.


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