2016 Brought Record Sales for Volvo

534,332. That is how many cars Volvo sold in 2016. Accoring to media.volvocars.com, that number marks the third consecutive year in record sales for the company, and a 6.2 percent increase from 2015. This growth was lead by 82, 726 sold in the US, an 18.1 percent growth from last year, 90,930 sold in China, an 11.5 percent growth from 2015, and a solid 206,114 sold in Western Europe.

When the number is divided by the models, the 90 series grew the most. The XC90 large premium SUV saw a 125 percent increase of sales from last year, and the XC60 hit a new annual sales record with 161,092 sold. Both of these vehicles were the most popular in US sales, and made Volvo one of the fastest growing brands in that States. To understand why Volvos are becoming so popular in markets all over the world, come by and test drive one today.

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