Volvo Conducts Enormous Online Poll to See Who is Most Ready for Autonomous Driving

If you’ve flipped on the television or radio in the past year or so, you’ve likely caught some discussion about autonomous vehicles. On the leading edge of that is Volvo Cars, which just conducted its Future of Driving survey, the largest online consumer conversation about the autonomous driving topic, and as of June 28th, nearly 50,000 respondents had recorded their opinions. Some states are more in favor than others. Check out some notable results below!



The two states that seem most ready for autonomous driving are New York and California, with 90 percent of New Yorkers saying that autonomous cars could make life easier, a belief shared by 86 percent of people in California. On the other side of things, drivers in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Texas seem less excited about the prospects. Residents in Pennsylvania believe having more autonomous cars on the road will eliminate traffic accidents at a rate of 62 percent, versus the national average of 68 percent. Similarly, just over half (52 percent) of Illinois respondents would trust an autonomous vehicle to make decisions about safety, which is 10 percent behind the national average. And only 60 percent of Texans believe autonomous cars could keep their family safer, 9 percentage points behind the national average.

The one thing most people could agree on was the fact that governments and local authorities have not and are not moving quickly enough to plan for autonomous cars, with an overwhelming 90 percent of respondents lodging their concerns about the pace at which lawmakers are responding to the inevitability of autonomous driving.

“The difference between states regarding the safety benefits of autonomous cars highlights why we need a federal framework for autonomous driving regulations. Volvo believes that autonomous driving vehicles should give you the freedom to choose when you want to drive and when you want to delegate driving to the car. The Future of Driving survey confirmed that consumers seek this freedom as autonomous driving technologies are introduced.” —Lex Kerssemakers, President and CEO of Volvo Car USA

Whatever camp you find yourself in, autonomous driving is not yet here, so you’ll still have to be the one driving your car. If you’re lucky enough to drive a Volvo vehicle, that fact shouldn’t bother you too much. However, if you’re not yet the happy owner of a Volvo model, come see us at Don Beyer Volvo of Falls Church, located conveniently on 1231 West Broad St., Falls Church, VA. Our wide selection of new and pre-owned Volvo models and our friendly sales team are on hand to help you find the perfect vehicle to match your driving demands!

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