Volvo Likely to Test Autonomous Vehicles in US


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Volvo believes that autonomous cars will make all driving time a little more meaningful. While the Swedish automaker is no stranger to autonomous testing overseas, it's most recently considering the US as its next location for testing such vehicles on public roads. The automaker is currently testing in Sweden and recently announced plans for testing self-driving vehicles in China.

As reported in Automotive News, Lex Kerssemakers, CEO of Volvo Cars of North America, stated at the National Automotobile Dealers Association Convention: "Our ambition is to have a similar project also in the United States. When? I do not know. It is very premature. It is in the very early stages."

While autonomous in-car technology already exists -- think park assist, lane assist, etc. --, there's still a lot of room for these innovations to grow. Especially since a large automaker has yet to roll-out a lineup of self-driving vehicles to the public. Tell us what you think of Volvo's plan for testing self-driving vehicles in the US and ultimately adding autonomous vehicles to its lineup.

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